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With her back towards the camera, the cute youngster appeared to be deep in concentration as she aimed the ball at her target. As a part of the partnership with UEFA, Nike will supply the match ball for exclusive use in women’s competitions including the Women’s Champions League, Women’s Euro and junior tournaments. The Eagles […]

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It was disappointing to miss out on Wembley but we had a game two days later so we didn’t have much time to be too despondent. Interchanging different jackets and at one point a T-shirt to show off his abundance of tattoos, Beckham doesn’t miss a shot with his famous dreamy looks. The photos show […]

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WHY DO ITALY PLAY IN BLUE? New England wore its standard silver helmet, blue home jersey, blue road pants and striped road socks in both of those games, but lost by a combined score of 52-26 to bring its record to 3-4 that season. The Nike Netherlands 2022 World Cup away football shirt features a […]