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From the chunky collar to the old-school Nike logo, this shirt ticks every box for your kit-loving millennial. The collar is a nod to the classic jerseys of the ’90s, and the button boasts the words: “We are Lions/We are England”. Where can I buy football jerseys? Should I buy authentic or replica jersey? Nike […]

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Others thought they had figured out a loophole that would let them drive into Italy. One way around the driving loophole is if an Englishmen living in France drove into Italy for a ‘proven reason’ which involved heading to the football – for example a cameraman or journalist covering it. There is, though, one significant […]

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There is a subtle pattern in the fabric that features elements of several iterations of Roma’s badge, including the iconic Lupetto (“little wolf”) and the club’s initials. There was no changing room at Nyanga; they suited up in the open. Comedian Brendan O’Carroll, later to find fame in Mrs Brown’s Boys, attributed Charlton’s success to […]

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It’s better than saying “we’re minus 21 points, we’re down, england soccer jersey 2016 let’s just play the games and enjoy it”. Some people are saying there is no pressure on us but there is always pressure. We are knocking it off step by step. ‘With the situation we are in, we have to fight. […]

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Like major league baseball, the post-retirement waiting period had been five years since the first inductions in 1990. The Hall of Fame will determine the number of honorees in the Modern category at the start of the election process. 1813 – Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth leave Blaxland’s farm at South Creek […]