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The Washer Pitching Game

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Fun for the "Hole" Family

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Fun for the Hole family    
Two blue washerboards
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Washer pitching is an exciting outdoor game. There are many theories about the origin of the game, but no one really knows for sure how it was developed. We all have heard of our grandparents playing the game during there life time. The game in all probability was developed by hard working rural people with few resources available for recreation. Entertainment was usually contrived with the tools and materials at hand like a tin can and a hand full of washers and over the years the games popularity has increased and also the way it is played making it a favorite pastime.

THE WASHERBOARD CO. has brought this exciting but simple washer toss game to a new level with a portable washer pitching game that can now be played indoors or outdoors no more digging holes or building pits. Our 3 hole washer boards are hand crafted from select materials using quality workmanship, and  are covered with a durable outdoor turf carpet which comes in a variety of colors (see order form). The washer pitching boards are connected by a double loop chain, so no measuring is required, and the chain and washers can be stored in one of the playing boards. Carrying handles are permanently attached for easy handling. Our game uses 2 1/2" washers and 2 to 4 players can play (see rules).


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